League Data


A first for the Canadian financial industry, League Data, the CIO and technology partner for Atlantic credit unions, announced that they have successfully converted Brunswick Credit Union to the Mambu cloud-based banking platform. As their legacy core banking system is approaching end of life in 2025, League Data is seizing the opportunity for further digital transformation of it credit unions to modernize the banking experience for members.

"Our shared goal is to migrate every credit union in the Atlantic Credit union System to this new banking platform that will provide an ecosystem for future growth and optimization," said Chad Griffin, Chief Information Officer, League Data. "The objective is not to mirror exactly what we have today. It is an opportunity to reimagine our systems."

Credit unions need a banking platform that allows them to move faster and be more responsive to create and develop the products members need in their communities.

"Once the core transition has been completed, leveraging the Mambu cloud banking platform to its full extent to take advantage of future possibilities is where the full benefits and potential for our members will be realized," said Lisa Loughery, CEO, Brunswick Credit Union.

With Mambu, Atlantic credit unions will have an enhanced capability to scale it's deposits and lending offering, the ability to roll out it's products quickly and efficiently, and transform everyday banking for it's retail and business members. From chequing and savings accounts, to mortgages, loans and business banking. A modern agile core means credit unions will spend less time managing legacy systems and more time focusing on innovating and improving their member's experiences.

"At Mambu, we believe that banking and financial services can change the world for the better," says Fernando Zandon, Mambu's CEO. "We wanted to bring innovation and simplicity to the credit union segment. And we are with League data, every step of the way."


For further information: Darren Johnson, Legaue Data Ltd,