League Data Website Privacy Policy


League Data is committed to protecting the personal information of credit union members, employees and other individuals. In order to protect all personal information collected, used or disclosed by League Data, we have adopted a Credit Union Code for Protection of Personal Information and this Internet Privacy Statement.

League Data’s internet website is a public website with a log in portal for authorized credit union staff, management, committee, board members and that of the staff of League Data and CGI. League Data does use cookies and other tracking technologies once a user logs into our portal. Once in the portal we do capture the user name, time of the visit and IP address at the time of the log in. This data is used for security purposes and to improve online services.



If you send us e-mail, any information provided by you will only be used to respond to your inquiry directly, or for acting upon your request. We will not use your contact information for any other purposes without your consent.


Links to other Websites

Our website contains links to many other websites that are part of, affiliated with, or have a business relationship with League Data. We have also implemented a same origin security policy setting which sets all links to omit the referral information to existing sites. This security setting will instruct modern web browsers to not pass the details that you came form the League Data site. Once you are on the 3rd party website, you fall under their privacy regulations.

League Data is not responsible for the privacy policies or content of any linked sites. This Internet Privacy Statement applies solely to our own Internet website. It is recommended that you consult the privacy policies on all websites to determine if and how your personal information is being used.


Contact Us

We welcome any questions or concerns you may have concerning our Intranet Privacy Statement or a Credit Union Code for the Protection of Personal Information. Further information about our privacy practices is available, upon request. Please contact us by email or in writing at the following address:


Privacy Officer
League Data
120 Western Parkway Blvd., Suite 408
Bedford, N.S.
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