League Data


Why League Data?

Who is League Data?
League Data is a co-operative fintech with a mission to help our customers adapt to an evolving market through sustainable innovation, leadership, and support. 

We are owned by the credit unions that we service. This unique ownership structure is the basis of the co-operative model that allows us to make decisions that empower our credit unions to support their membership with solutions that meet their financial needs. 

How did League Data get its start? 
In the early 1970’s a group of credit unions in Atlantic Canada recognised the growing need for electronic banking services. In 1975, League Data was formed to help Atlantic Canada credit unions stay relevant and provide competitive services. Since then, League Data has ensured that all of its owners have a full suite of supported banking services that they can offer to their members. 

How does League Data support credit union needs?
League Data acts as one voice on behalf of our credit unions. We integrate multiple vendors to create a seamless banking ecosystem. We have the ability to procure new services into this ecosystem based on inputs from our credit unions with the integration and development effort being centralized at League Data. We then provide change management and implementation resources to assist each credit union in implementing the service. 

What specific digital services and solutions does League Data offer to credit unions?
League Data offers a “Banking as a Software” package to all of its credit unions. This is a fully functioning banking ecosystem with all of the services required to operate a credit union integrated into the banking core. This includes core functionality, loan adjudication software, a fully integrated online channel, debit card processing, a CRM tool and a data analytics tool. The core banking solution is monitored and fully supported by League Data on behalf of our credit unions. 

We also assist our credit unions by providing services including but not limited to, Vendor Management, Managed Cyber Security Program and Support Desk Services.

How Does League Data Provide Value To Its Owners?
League Data provides value to our clients at scale through collaboration ensuring they have competitive products and services that are aligned with their needs. We utilize an aggregator business model uniting the voices of our owners. This structure allows our customers access to more products and services, increased buying power and enables greater influence.

League Data delivers the most value to credit unions by centralizing the key skills and talent needed to operate an electronic banking system. In a digital-first world by providing leading-edge, sustainable technology solutions, support and guidance—all with a human touch. 

Why would a credit union want to work with League Data?
Running IT in house is becoming more complicated and expensive. League Data provides our clients access to managed services run by a trusted team of subject matter experts. By coming together and using a unified banking system, we have reduced operational costs and provided a larger pool of resources and services to support our credit unions.

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