How cloud native core banking can keep credit unions competitive with Mambu and League Data

In this episode of the Fintech Show, we speak to Fernando Zandona, CEO of Mambu and Carrie Forbes, CEO of League Data, a cooperative supporting credit unions in Atlantic Canada, to find out how their collaboration with Mambu, powered by a scale enhancing platform from AWS, is helping to overcome challenges related to size, innovation, and digitization. In this insightful conversation from Money 20/20 in Las Vegas, both Zandona and Forbes, delve into the challenges faced by credit unions in this area and how Mambu’s composable, cloud-native solution, in partnership with AWS, is revolutionizing the industry.

You’ll hear about key differentiators such as simplicity, a single codebase platform, and a configuration-based approach that enable rapid innovation, allowing financial institutions to go live in a matter of months. It’s a great case study of collaboration and the future of banking technology in action, providing simplicity and speed.

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